Wilson Catchers Gear – Reviews of our top picks for 2023

If you are looking for high quality and affordable catchers equipment then Wilson gear might be exactly what you are looking for. Although Wilson is considered as the official glove of major league baseball, they do offer quite a nice line for catchers – including the mitt area.

Many top level catchers wear Wilson sets when they suit up behind the plate, but probably the most famous of all time is Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez who revolutionized the position and how it is played.

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Started all the way back in 1913, Wilson first began producing tennis rackets (which they still do very well today) but then expanded into the baseball arena with footwear. Because they are such a large company that have been in business for numerous years, one can expect that they’ll be receiving a high quality piece of equipment that brings increased performance and exceptional durability. As we mentioned, although catchers are most familiar with Wilson because of their great mitts like the A1K, A2K, and A2000, one shouldn’t neglect looking into the other pieces as well.

On this page we overview the top sets and individual pieces like chest protectors, leg guards, masks and yes…mitts.

Full Sets

It should go without saying but the simplest way to go when buying any sort of new gear is to by a full set which features similar sizing and colors. Often times, especially in younger years, you’ll often see catchers using mismatched equipment. Sometimes this equipment can feel a bit awkward as the pieces may not gel properly together (i.e. one piece might be a bit bigger, may not fit correctly, etc.). Below we feature the ProMotion series and EZ-Gear line for beginning players.

ProMotion Set

The ProMotion series of catchers gear is the flagship series offered by Wilson. Although relatively expensive at close to $400 for the entire series, the expectations when it comes to protection and performance can be increased almost instantly. The top piece of the set is the Pro Stock Shock FX helmet that is included. With the amount of concern over head injuries in today’s world, it is comforting to know that this helmet is capable of absorbing more impact than other similar helmets in the market.

wilson catchers gear

Quick Hits

  • Pros: Advanced level of protection
  • Target: Competitive level gear
  • Sizes: Adult sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Scarlet, and Royal
  • Price: $350-$400
  • Adult Sizes: Chest Protector (18″), Leg Guards (17″), and Mask (7 – 7 5/8″)

The next great component of the ProMotion set of gear are the leg guards widely consider to be top notch. The great feature for these leg guards is the ability they have to conform to both the right and left legs using a 4-point construction. This allows for the catcher to not even realize they are on allowing them to focus on the more important things!

Wilson is known for the top quality of gear that they produce for catchers. Often times it is highly suggested that catchers pick up full sets of gear so that each piece matches. Many manufacturers also provide great discounts when picking up full sets of gear as opposed to individual pieces. Wilson gear is no different and can be had much cheaper when purchased by the set.

EZ Catchers Kit

For beginner catchers, there is no better gear around for teaching them proper technique and how catchers equipment feels than the Wilson EZ series.

As the name implies, this gear makes catching easy for the youth player. One of the biggest obstacles many young players (and coaches) face is having to wear equipment that doesn’t fit nearly as good as it should. This causes younger players to get frustrated and not enjoy all that catching has to offer. The EZ gear makes this process easier as equipment can easily be adjusted and removed when needed. Although the equipment is not as high quality as you would expect for competitive level catchers, it is absolutely perfect for beginners or newer players to the position.

Quick Hits

  • Pros: Fully Adjustable, Perfect for new players
  • Target: Beginner
  • Sizes: Youth (Ages 5-12)
  • Colors: Black only
  • Price: $105 – $110

This is one of the least expensive full catchers gear sets available so we do want to caution that it is a basic set and should not be expected to last for many years like some of the other more expensive sets.

  • Large/XL (Ages 7-12) Sizes: Chest Protector (15″), Leg Guards (13″), and Mask (6 1/4″ – 7 1/2″)
  • Small/Medium Sizes (Ages 5-7): Chest Protector (12″), Leg Guards (11″), and Mask (6 1/4″ – 7 1/2″)

Chest Protectors

Although not as well-known as some of the more popular brands in the catcher’s gear area, a Wilson chest protector could certainly surprise you. More affordable that the other brands, Wilson provides a couple of different options that both provide a great amount of protection. For many years now this company has been designing innovative equipment for a wide variety of sports to help protect athletes and make their games better. In this section we overview the ProMotion and the MaxMotion.

WTA3301 ProMotion

The Wilson WTA3301 chest protector is a great choice for the current baseball season. For competitive catchers that are looking at Wilson gear this would be the first choice when it comes to quality and durability. There are two major features that make this chest protector so good. First and foremost is the custom fit it provides.

wilson chest protector

Using 4 different areas of adjustment, catchers can rest assured that they will have a nice snug fit that conforms directly to your body without much movement. The second great feature is the amount of flex provided in the under-arm area.

What many catchers often find is that throwing out runners trying to steal a base can often be uncomfortable. The ProMotion however makes throwing feel easy in that it flexes in many different directions. Some other great features include the ability to customize your neck pad to your team’s logo, or even your own number. If you would like to see more, please click here to see the different sizes and prices for each.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (18 inch), and Intermediate (16 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Available in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Maroon, Green, and Purple


For those that do not want to spend as much to purchase the more competitive ProMotion should take a good look at the MaxMotion instead. Although it doesn’t feature everything like the ProMotion has, it still is a nice chest protector that would offer ample protection and features for most catchers.

The design of the MaxMotion is quite neat. Wilson calls it a two piece floating design and what is does is allow you move naturally without feeling the burden of a clunky piece of equipment over your shoulders. According to the features, the Wilson has also designed the MaxMotion so that a catcher doesn’t need to adjust themselves as much. I know in the past when using poor equipment, I would need to make adjustments when I was standing, crouching or performing any other movement. This feature sounds like it could provide some great benefit.

For even more protection than other chest protectors, the Wilson MaxMotion comes equipped with two side clip-in positions to provide more protection to your side. This clip-in’s also provide another purpose in that they allow for a quick and easy way to put your gear on and off.

There is quite a bit to like about the MaxMotion, so the best thing to do would be to compare the MaxMotion and ProMotion side by side and determine if the ProMotion is worth double the price.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (18 inch), Intermediate (16 inch), and Youth (14 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Available in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Scarlet Red colors

Leg Guards

Although the selection is not as large as Easton’s or other companies, Wilson leg guards should not be discounted when looking into upgrading your equipment. This company has been around for a very long time and has a strong track record of producing great equipment that stands to last. For a catcher who performs so much up and down movement, it is critical to have equipment that will last and provide as much protection as possible for the course of an entire season. Similar to our chest protector section we highlight the ProMotion and MaxMotion leg guards on this page.


The Wilson WTA Pro Motion leg guards are some of the most advanced available to catchers. What makes these leg guards so good is that they provide catchers with one of the most comfortable fits possible. These Pro Motion shin guards use different designs for both the left & right legs ensuring player comfort in both the crouching and standing up positions.

wilson leg guards

Another interesting difference is that instead of the traditional plastic used by many other companies in the thigh area, the WTA3501 series features foam padding instead making them less bulky than their plastic counterparts. Other models also will sometimes skip out on the extra toe protection. This extra protection has been added to this model leaving just about every area covered at all times. With a 4 different adjustment points, catchers will quickly notice a nice secure fit at all times.

Another interesting point to take note of is how the ProMotion series was built. Instead of the traditional one piece system you’ll see on most leg guards, the ProMotion model uses a two-piece hinged design which provides more flexibility and therefore a more secure fit. With this extra flexibility, you should be able to run a bit more freely than with a one-piece design.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (17 inch), and Intermediate (15 inch) sizes.
  • Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Scarlet Red, Royal Blue, Purple, Green, and Maroon


As a catcher, one of the most important features the leg guards can have is the ability for the catcher to not even notice them. If the leg guards fit properly, and provide a comfortable feeling then they are doing their job. The Wilson MaxMotion series certainly fits the bill. One of the biggest advantages to this model is the two-piece design that is included. The two-piece design provides a little more give than the regular one piece design and allows for better movement and comfort in the crouch position.

Each leg guard (i.e. left and right) have also been designed differently so that they are shaped to match each leg properly. This might sound obvious but there are some models out there that do not consider this. This little tweak provides a catcher with an edge protection wise as all areas are covered. This model also includes a toe cap which added a little more protection to the bottom just in case of low pitches close to the ground.

The MaxMotion series sounds like a fantastic choice for any catcher. They are less expensive than the ProMotion series but still provide a tremendous amount of protection and comfort behind the plate.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (17 inch), Intermediate (15 inch), and Youth (13 inch) sizes.
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Royal, or Scarlet


A Wilson catchers mask is a great compliment to an existing catchers gear set as they offer superior comfort and head protection. The models found on this website come in the following styles: Pro Stock Shock FX, Prestige, and a more classic looking Dyna-Lite facemask. All of these styles come in Adult, and Youth head sizes.

Pro Stock Shock FX 2.0

The top catcher’s mask offered by Wilson seems to overwhelmingly be the Pro Stock Shock FX 2.0 series. Although a bit pricier than the other models described later, the Pro Stock Shock FX provides the most amount of protection.

wilson catchers mask

As you can see from the image to the left, the cage system used is slightly extended than what you’ll find in other masks. This allows for better absorption on impact further reducing the potential for injury or concussions. Using a brand new quad-axial system, four specific areas of the helmet have been identified as key areas which have added even further protection.

Comfort wise, it is tough to find a helmet that rivals the Pro Stock Shock FX 2.0. With unique ventilation holes placed in specific areas, catchers can receive much better air flow and further reduce the impact the helmet will have in the neck area. With a leather chin pad as well, this helmet promises to be one of the more comfortable ones to put on your head.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (7″ – 7 5/8″), and Youth (6 1/8″ – 7 1/8″) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Scarlet, and Royal


The Prestige series helmet offered by Wilson is quite similar to the Pro Stock one described above. The main difference however is that some of the additional features such as the leather chin pad, and matte finish have not been included. This helmet itself however will cost you around half the price so it certainly should be on your radar as an affordable choice.

However protection wise, there is still quite a bit to like about the Prestige series made for everyday catchers. On the exterior, the Prestige uses premium grade ABS plastic which should make it very string and durable. The main thing as a catcher is to make sure that you’re protected from events like foul balls in your skull area. This premium grade shell should do the trick and at the very least make you feel a bit more confident.

Another interesting feature included in this helmet is what Wilson calls “360 degree protection”. What this feature promises to do is keep your full head (front, back, and side) protected from anything include baseballs and bats. Some helmet can leave areas like the back and sides slightly exposed, however the Prestige has been designed to prevent this from occurring.

Last but not least like other helmets, carefully placed ventilation holes have been added to allow for better circulation. Let’s face it a helmet can feel almost like a sauna after many hours so anything to keep you a bit cooler is a nice thing!

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (7″ – 7 5/8″), and Youth (6 1/4″ – 7″) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Scarlet, and Royal

Although a relatively new helmet, the Pro Stock Matte finish has already been receiving great reviews. However, at a price of over $125, many catchers still opt for the popular Prestige instead. In all honesty either way, I think you will be a happy catcher when you wear any Wilson catchers mask.


As we mentioned in our intro, Wilson is considered as the official glove supplier of Major League Baseball. Therefore you can feel quite confident that the catcher’s mitts they produce as well are high quality.

In fact there are many big league catchers who use a Wilson mitt, but wear another brand for protective equipment. Either way, these gloves are very popular and along with Rawlings can be considered as probably the top choices for a catcher.

One of the nicer things is that they seem to have a glove for any player. Some are more expensive than others, and some are meant more for recreational players rather than competitive. Choosing a mitt can be a difficult process, so we hope this page will help you make the decision process easier. Some of the models below even draw inspiration from the recently retired future hall-of-fame catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, who revolutionized how catchers play the game today!

The mitts we look at in more detail are the Wilson A2000, A800 and the A1K.


wilson catchers mitt

The A2000 catchers mitts are the next evolution of the most popular models on the market today – the A2K series. Each year one of the most widely searched mitt models is the A2000 as it offers incredible quality and durability. Featuring a popular pattern used by pro-level catchers, these mitts are some of the best to ever be made. Although more expensive than the average mitt, if you are a competitive level catcher than this is the one for you.

Constructed using high quality Pro Stock leather, the A2000 is guaranteed to last and provide the catcher with confidence when they feel it around their wrist. This high quality Pro Stock leather also offers a quicker break-in time period. If you’ve ever worn or tried a mitt that does not break in easily, you’ll probably understand just how good of a feature this is. With this one you can avoid that stiffness and all the practice catchers you need to get it up to speed.

Catcher’s who play in warmer climates year round have also been looked after with this series. Using extra wrist lining to help with moisture management, a catcher’s hand can remain cool and dry all game long. After all, having all of that extra moisture on the inside of a mitt can make it quite difficult to catch especially in those long innings where the pitcher isn’t getting any of the calls.

An extended palm also provides even more protection that most others mitts you will find. Perfect for high level catchers or those on the cusp of greatness, the A2000 will quickly become the best glove you’ve owned.


wilson gloves

Many Wilson mitts are in the $150 to $300 range. The one exception to the rule is the Wilson A800 series. Although less expensive than most other Wilson models, the quality is almost just as good and should not go unnoticed. Constructed with Eco leather, it provides an unmatched comfort and softness for the price you pay. We’re not going to say the leather used in this mitt is comparable to the A2000 Pro Stock, but we think it would do an adequate job. In fact, this leather promises to also offer a quick break in period and offer a great level of comfort and softness for many years of service.

One of the best features of the A800 is the extra piece of leather that has been placed in between the palm and outer shell of the glove. This provides it with much more flexibility allowing it to be game ready right after purchase. For game improvements, the A800 also features a double palm construction which provides a better pocket. As you well know, having a nice defined pocket will make your pitcher quite happy!

For most every day players there is no need to break the bank to get a high quality mitt. Consider the Wilson A800 for your next game.

A1000 Superskin

One of the more surprising in terms of packed feature list and cost is the A1K. Made from top shelf leather, which was the basis for the popular A2000 series, this mitt is promised to provide great durability and a quick break-in period. To be honest breaking in a mitt is one of the more annoying things to do. It takes many pitches to get a nice firm grip and even then it might not be fully ready after you give it some rest. Having this feature in the A1K is a nice touch.

In addition, this glove features pro level patterns and includes an extra deep pocket. This extra deep pocket benefits a catcher as a pitcher can see the pocket better and therefore pitch where you want them to. It also helps in keeping the ball secure and not allowing it to fall out of your glove. This could be the difference between getting out of the inning and giving the hitter another chance.

This mitt also features a Low Profile heel which allows for better rebound control. You’ve probably seen numerous attempts made by catchers at trying to get their bodies in front of a wild pitch and not allow runners to advance. This mitt should help in that situation as if it hits the heel of your mitt, you should still have the ball close in front of you to keep the runner at bay.


Around baseball circles, Wilson is a very popular brand. We hope that all of the reviews we’ve provided above have made you think the same way. Although it is true that more catchers opt for Easton, Mizuno, and Under Armour there is still quite a lot to like about the different pieces offered by Wilson. When you consider the two-piece hinged construction in the leg guards and the amount of extra proection provided in the chest protector, you as a catcher should feel quite confident sitting behind the plate with the Wilson logo on your chest.

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