Mizuno Catchers Gear – the TOP options for the 2023 season

If you are looking for a popular well known brand name that features comfort, longevity, and style then look no further than any of the Mizuno pieces found on this page!

Mizuno has been creating innovative and successful equipment for many sports over a span of many decades. On this page, you will find our reviews of the top Mizuno equipment for the 2023 baseball season. This includes the popular Samurai sets along with the advanced competitive Pro G2 set.

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So why should you choose Mizuno?

I would argue to say outside of Easton, All Star, and possibly Under Armour that Mizuno is the next most popular option for catchers.

One of the nice things as well is that Mizuno offers a great line of mitts so if you were looking for a complete full set outside of the chest, legs and mask than Mizuno presents this option. The company itself prides itself in developing innovation equipment to enhance athlete performance and many think they do a great job.

Some of the top professional big leaguers that wear Mizuno include Yan Gomes, Victor Martinez, and up and coming superstar Devin Mesoraco. You can be sure if these guys are wearing it at the professional ranks that it must be pretty good in the lower ranks!

This page in particular breaks down various pieces of equipment and explains the benefits for each. We start with complete sets, and work our way through each individual piece as well.

Full Sets

The first are we will look at are the full sets of gear offered by Mizuno. For many years (which still hold true for 2023), one of the more popular sets is the Samurai series as it is affordable and has many advanced level features included. For more competitive catchers, the Pro G2 is the cream of the crop but comes at a slightly higher price tag.

Samurai Series

Year after year, the Samurai series is often one of the most purchased full sets among catchers of all ages. With many different color schemes, and protective features, it is no wonder that they rank above the rest in quality, durability and comfort. The nice thing about the set is that it can be used by a wide variety of skill levels. For instance, beginners and competitive players should still realize some benefits that the gear provides. Although most competitive catchers would opt for the Pro G2 series described later, the Samurai still makes for a nice choice at a cheaper price point.

mizuno catchers gear

Quick Hits

  • Pros: Rebound Control, Moisture Management
  • Target: All Levels of Catchers
  • Sizes: Adult, Intermediate, and Youth
  • Colors: Many single and two-tone colors
  • Price: $200- $250

When you look down the feature list included with the Samurai series of equipment, it is hard to believe that the set can be had for under $250. The Samurai set is designed with many advanced level features like:

  • Rebound Control – As a catcher, you should know how important it is to keep blocked baseballs in front of you at all times. The last thing you want is to be left high and dry and have no idea where the baseball is on a wild pitch. By the time you find it the game could be over. Using brand new technology, you can feel more controlled behind the plate and in charge.
  • Custom fit – Both shoulder pads included in the G3 chest protector can be completely removed and adjusted. This allows for you to move them up and down so that the most snug fit possible is achieved.
  • Grip Tech legs – Mizuno has added an innovative feature called Grip Tech to their leg guards. This technology provides the interior padding with a tighter fit around your leg. This feature should make it so that you will rarely notice the leg guards when you have to run around.
  • Layers of Padding – The NOCSAE approved G4 helmet included in this series contains three layers of protective padding which should disperse any impact coming your way.

Pro G2 Set

By far one of the best and most advanced sets a catcher can own is the Pro G2 series. Although the price is a bit steep, this set of Mizuno Catchers Gear is perfect for all competitive level catchers who want to own the newest and best equipment around. The level of detail that has gone into this equipment is incredible.

Quick Hits

  • Pros: Rebound Control, Moisture Management
  • Target: Competitive and Advanced
  • Sizes: Adult
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Royal, and Scarlet
  • Price: $350- $400

Some of the main features of the Pro G2 series include:

  • Leg Guards – If you look at the leg guards, they feature the patented K-Pad which protects the knee substantially better than any other leg guards around
  • Chest Protector – The chest protector is also quite amazing in that it conforms to your body while you play. If you’ve ever worn a dry-fit shirt, this chest protector should feel quite similar as it will stretch and move with you in any direction
  • Mask – This hockey style mask features one of the strongest steel cages around. It also offers some of the best field vision around allowing you to see everything going on in front of you.

Chest Protectors

Mizuno has always been known to produce high quality equipment that enhances athletic performance and protection, and so it should come as no surprise that a Mizuno chest protector is such a strong choice. Mizuno focuses on using the newest advanced technology and innovations possible in order to create products that are lightweight, long-lasting, while at the same time keeping the catchers as comfortable as possible. In this section we look at a couple of the more popular choices: The Samurai G3 and the Pro G2 for more competitive catchers.
We really like what Mizuno has done with their lines of chest protectors. The most common, the Samurai G3, is always a top seller year after year as it provides tremendous values for everything you get. For catcher’s looking for more advanced features, they offer their advanced Pro version at a much higher price.

Samurai G3

The Samurai chest protector is the more common of the two models as it is available in all different sizes and is one of the most purchased chest protectors season after season. The Samurai G3 has been constructed with the catcher in mind! The construction that went into the Samurai employed many innovative technologies to provide the catcher with a lightweight, long lasting comfortable fit.

mizuno chest protector

The neck pad on the Samurai can be removed allowing the catcher to personalize and take pride in his/her equipment. The Drylight inner liner allows for sweat to evaporate quickly and cool air to come in leaving the catcher feeling dry in those hot days behind the plate. As you know, blocking wild pitches is one of the toughest skills to master. The G3 Samurai features Low Rebound technology preventing the ball from flying far away from you upon impact. The Samurai G3 is perfect for all levels of catchers beginner to advanced.

  • Availability: Comes in Adult (16 inches), Intermediate (15 inches), and Youth (14 inches) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Black/Grey, Green/Grey, Cardinal/Grey, Navy/Grey, Purple/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey.

For Competitive Catchers: Pro G2

While the Samurai G3 is available in all sizes and is the best choice for 90% of the catcher world, the Pro G2 version has been designed only for adult sizes only. It offers advanced features you won’t find on many other chest protectors. Although this model is a little pricier than the average competitive catcher’s would be hard pressed to find a better choice.

One of the first things you will notice wearing the Mizuno Pro G2 version is the stretch design that was used. Whenever you shift, run or move in any sort of direction, it too will move or stretch in the same way. Having this sort of movement is a treat if you have ever used bulky equipment. Rebound control has also been incredibly improved in the Pro version as upon impact the ball deadens and lands right in front of you for easy retrieval. For an even more customized fit, the Pro version uses removable should pads, wings, and uses an adjustable shoulder harness system so it can conform to any body shape. For an extra treat, it even comes with a neck pad that can be personalized to include your name on it.

  • Availability: Comes in Adult (16 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey.

Leg Guards

A pair of Mizuno leg guards will go a long way to making you feel much better and more protected behind the plate. As mentioned before, the Mizuno Company have always been highly regarded in the baseball equipment industry as they produce high quality equipment made to enhance both athletic performance and athlete protection. They put a lot of time and effort into each piece of equipment and are normally near the top when it comes to innovations. As of right now there are two different variations available: The Pro G2, and Samurai G3 models. We provide some thoughts based on the specifications for both below.

Pro G2

The Pro 2 leg guards are Mizuno’s version made from competitive level catchers as they contain more advanced level features that not all catchers may need.

mizuno leg guards

One of the reasons that they are so sought after is due to their light weight design. Mobility can be a huge issue with cheaper protection, but the Pro G2 model allows a catcher to feel quite light in their step even with the extra weight attached to them.

In terms of protection the Pro G2 legs include Mizuno’s pro triple knee attachment. This design keeps your entire leg and knee areas protected especially when you are shifting in and out of the crouch position. They also included a patented K-Pad around the knee area for further protection. This K-Pad can be detached as well if the catcher does not want to use it.
Not only are they light but they are also high quality and very durable. With metal buckles and silicon strips, they just scream quality and durability.

  • Availability: Adult (16.5 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey

Samurai G3

The Samurai G3 Leg Guards are guaranteed to keep your legs and knees protected game in game out. The knee protection has been vastly improved by adding more padding surrounding the knee area.

With a brand new triple cap design the catcher can worry about performing and not about if there knee is really protected. Using a double knee cap bend, the flexibility of the G3 shin guards have been improved as well giving the catcher much more comfort in the crouch position. With even more protection surrounding the interior of the shin, it is no wonder that the Samurai G3 series is so popular.
One of the more interesting aspects included is the DryLite printing. This extra feature may sound strange and not really helpful but it helps you avoid slipping while trying to play the position. For more comfort and customization, the Samurai G3 series has a detachable toe cap and high quality metal buckles to secure your legs in place.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (16.5 inch), Intermediate (15.5 inch), and Youth (14.5 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Green/Grey, Purple/Grey, Cardinal/Grey, Black/Grey, Navy/Grey, Royal/Grey, and Red/Grey


A Mizuno catchers mask is a great compliment to any catcher’s personal arsenal. Below we provide overviews of the top choices in masks that are made by Mizuno. Similar to the leg guards and chest protection section, this seems to be the Pro G2, and Samurai G4 styles.

Pro G2

One of the more advanced catcher’s masks to come around in the past few years has been the Pro G2 as it uses so many cool different features. With the “Mizuno Pro” writing inscribed on the side, you should feel like a pro, and with just having that little extra motivation your game might instantly soar to new levels.

mizuno catchers mask

Meeting all of the important NOCSAE standards, this mask uses a very strong outer shell to keep you protected from any dangers on the field. Although we would never wish this on anyone, you can feel confident that if by chance a foul ball is launched straight into your helmet that the only impact will be to your nervous system. The mask is designed to ensure your head is protected from these dangerous impacts.

The interior of this mask is what sets it apart from the rest. Using EPP liner throughout the mask, the catcher can expect to stay cool at all times as the EPP system is designed to be water resistant and lightweight. With additional ventilation holes throughout, hot weather is no enemy for a catcher wearing a Pro G2.

Finally, an important aspect to look for in any mask is how much you can see through the mask. The Pro G2 uses a thin steel frame that not only provide more strength to the overall construction but give the catcher a nice view of the entire field.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (7 1/4″ – 7 1/2″) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Red, and Royal

Samurai G4

At around $140, the Pro series mask is slightly expensive for most catchers. Those looking for a Mizuno alternative could consider the Samurai G4 series. Although it doesn’t have as many bells & whistles, it still provides a great amount of protection which ultimately is the most important thing to look for in a mask.

Meeting NOCSAE standards, this hockey inspired mask should allow for a catcher to feel safe when it surrounds their head. It contains 3 layers of EVA foam padding which keeps the head safe from potential impact. Head injuries are a huge concern in today’s game so anything extra to help is always a nice plus.

Like other Samurai gear, additional carefully design ventilation ports have been added so that moisture does not cause any issues. This allows a catcher to feel much more at ease despite the hot weather that they may be playing in.

For a little added customization, the jaw area of the G4 can also be adjusted and moved around while being worn. The Mizuno Samurai series is very popular at many different levels of baseball and is always a strong pick.

  • Sizes: Available in Adult (7 1/4″ – 7 5/8″), and Youth (6 1/2″ – 7 1/4″) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Green, Purple, Navy, Red, and Royal


With the number of different options available, it is not easy to find the best Mizuno catchers mitt. For one thing they offer many different variations, and many different sizes making it hard to find what is right for you. Although we probably can’t answer this question either without knowing you, we feel that the ones below do a nice job and would be perfect for many catchers. We look at the Mizuno World Win GXC75 which is one of the more common models to be purchased and the Prospect series which is geared at younger players.

World Win GXC75

The Mizuno World Win Series GXC75 has been one of the more commonly sold catcher’s mitts over the past year. Priced at under $60, this mitt provides all of the high quality features that are normally only seen in advanced level mitts.

mizuno catchers mitt

This 34 inch mitt features pro level patterns and is designed using retro leather which allows for a very quick break in time and increased durability. I know in the past when I would receive a new glove you could almost always guarantee to have to take a long time to break it in. It’s nice that this one is ready right off the shelf so you can use it right away.

The most advanced feature of this glove is that it uses Mizuno’s patented Parashock technology in the palm. This provides an exceptional level of comfort and protects the wrist area from any sort of ball string. It also features three finger stalls to provide a customized fit for your hand only. In other words, your fit will be different from another catcher who purchases the same mitt themselves.
Another great aspect to make playing defense easier is the use of Pro-Scoop technology. The technology makes it easier to go after those balls that may land in the dirt…but let’s hope you don’t have to handle too many of those!

Prospect Series

One of the more popular catchers mitts among youth level players is the market is the Prospect Series. These gloves helps young players learn proper technique to play the catcher position by providing assistance in trapping the ball on impact.

Another great thing for younger players is that the GXC112 Prospect series reduce ball sting and make catching feel easy! After all, no player likes that feeling when the ball lands right in your palm where the padding isn’t as heavy. This 31.5 inch mitt also features a smaller wrist opening providing younger players with a much better fit. If you remember back to your younger days, you probably remember wearing gloves handed down from parents that were way to loose and didn’t make you comfortable at all. One of the most important things as a young player is to learn the position first properly before spending a ton of money on expensive equipment. This is what makes Prospect Series mitts so popular.


We hope you have enjoyed our look into what we feel are the best options when it comes to catchers gear made by Mizuno. Although we have mentioned this numerous times, Mizuno is quite a popular brand as they put a lot of effort into making quality, affordable and innovative equipment for all levels of play. We’ve mentioned the Samurai series numerous times on this page as it is often one of the most purchased year in and year out as it is a great set for the average catcher.

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