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The aim of this page is to provide nice and easy to read tables outlining the major features, price points, and links to our review. The tables provided below simply present each different piece in a quick summary fashion.

If you are looking for more textual descriptions however you can check out our full sets, chest protector, leg guards, masks, and mitts sections. If you feel we’ve missed any, or have any out of date information, please let us know.

Full Sets

As we’ve mentioned before on our best catchers gear sets page, this is often the preferred route to go for most catchers as you don’t have to look around for matching individual pieces, get some cost saving, and more.

Best Value for your Money
All Star System 7 Axis
  • Perfect for All levels of catching
  • More vents in the helmet & chest areas for breathability
  • Triple knee leg guards
Best choice for Youth & Intermediate Catchers
Easton Elite X
  • Ideal set for Youth or Intermediate catchers
  • Adjustable form fitting design chest protector
  • Great fitting leg guards
  • Ventilation helmet for better comfort
Best choice for Competitive Catchers
All Star Pro
  • Ideal for Competitive catchers
  • Very light chest protector
  • Gel knee pad for more comfort
  • Impact resistant ABS shell

Chest Protectors

The next section of our comparison tables takes a look at the chest protector. This piece is one of the more often thought about when looking at a catcher head on. Some of the main things to look at in a chest protector include how it handles rebounds, how dense the foam is, and the weight.

Best Value for your Money
All Star System 7 Axis
  • Perfect for All levels of catching
  • Excellent protection
  • Wedged abs shape for better rebound control
  • Thinner to provide lightweight feel
Best Choice for Youth Players
Easton Elite X
  • Ideal for Youth catchers
  • Lightweight
  • 4-point web shaped strap system
  • Coated steel inset for better fit
Best for Competitive Players
Under Armour Converge
  • Great rebound control
  • Wrap around shoulders for more secure fit
  • Sternum and throat protection
  • More ventilation

Leg Guards

Ah…the leg guards. One of the more uncomfortable pieces of equipment used by a catcher. If you’ve ever worn a pair that are flimsy or don’t fit well, you’ll quickly get annoyed and uncomfortable. As mentioned in our leg guards section, you should always look for a pair that fits well, provides lots of protection around the knees (even in the crouch position), and hopefully make it feel like you aren’t wearing anything at all around your legs.

Best Value for your Money
Easton Gametime X
  • Perfect for all Catchers!
  • Inexpensive compared to others
  • Triple knee construction with wide knee shape
  • Advanced ventilation system for better cooling
Best Choice for Youth Players
Champion Sports
  • Single knee design
  • Inexpensive
  • Great start set for new catchers
  • Wraparound shin protection
Best choice for Competitive Catchers
All Star System 7 Axis
  • Ideal for Competitive catchers
  • Lightweight & provide better movement
  • Gel based knee pad
  • Newly re-designed tough exterior shell


Arguably the most important piece of equipment the catcher has to get right is the mask. With all the news surrounding head injuries today, you can imagine the danger anyone has when they sit behind home plate. Try to look for a mask that is built to last, and conforms to your head so that you can avoid any sort of neck strain. We believe the ones listed below will provide you with all of this.

Best Value for your Money
Rawlings Velo
  • Perfect for All Catchers young and older
  • Increased cage strength
  • Improved interior padding
  • 15 vents for air circulation
Best Choice for Youth Players
All Star MVP
  • Comfortable lining
  • Lightweight design
  • Strong steel frame for better protection
  • Excellent field vision
Best choice for Competitive Catchers
Under Armour Pro
  • Ideal for Competitive catchers
  • Increased cage strength
  • Innovative design for better ball deflection
  • Soft and comfortable chin pad with moisture management


The last piece of equipment we compare is the mitt which are also the most finicky. What works for one catcher may not work for the next but we do believe the choices below are the best overall ones available. For mitts, a catcher should look into the pocket, size, the break-in period, and of course cost. You can see more details on our mitts page as well.

Best Value for your Money
Wilson A2000
  • Ideal for Competitive Catchers
  • 33" with Pro Stock leather
  • Extended Palm
  • Wrist Lining
Best Choice for Youth Players
Mizuno Prospect
  • Top choice for Beginner / Youth catchers
  • 31.5" Conventional Open Back
  • PowerClose technology
  • Soft interior lining
Best choice for Competitive Catchers
All Star Pro
  • Ideal for Competitive Catchers
  • 34" with Two-piece Closed Back
  • Japanese tanned leather
  • Game ready
  • Excellent ball control

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