Catcher Knee Savers: Good or Bad? (and BEST options)

Most people don’t consider the stress placed on the leg and knee areas of a catcher. However – think of all the up and down movement required for every single pitch and then multiply that for many innings, followed by many games! It’s no wonder that many catchers experience so much knee and leg pain. … Read more

The pitcher and catcher relationship

There are few things more important to the team than the quality relationship between a pitcher and catcher. The ability to read each other’s moods, and movements, understand each other’s quirks and style, these things can only happen with a large amount of mutual respect and an even larger amount of practice. But how exactly … Read more

What are the responsibilities of the Catcher

The catcher is in a position of real power in the game of baseball, his or her calls and plays can make the difference between a team looking like stars or coming across as complete novices. So it is really quite understandable that with this kind of responsibility, there is also a lot of tips … Read more

What to look for in a catchers mitt

As a catcher your catchers mitt is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will ever purchase. It protects you and enables you to do your job effectively. That’s why you should take your time and ensure you are buying the right one for your game. Below I am going to share with … Read more

How to increase arm strength for throwing runners out

Any catcher who wants to move beyond junior varsity teams needs to learn how to quickly pop up from the squat and throw out a runner at second. Those who want to move on to play ball in college and beyond need to be able to do it from their knees. This is not an … Read more