The pitcher and catcher relationship

There are few things more important to the team than the quality relationship between a pitcher and catcher. The ability to read each other’s moods, and movements, understand each other’s quirks and style, these things can only happen with a large amount of mutual respect and an even larger amount of practice. But how exactly … Read more

What equipment does a catcher need?

Picking the right catcher’s equipment is as important if not more so than any other player in the game. While players in the outfield don’t see as much action as the players infield on a hit by hit basis, the catcher sees action with every single pitch, making the catcher one of the most dangerous … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional facemasks

The baseball catcher is one of the most dangerous positions in sports. This person is tasked with catching pitches that can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour. He is also tasked with using his body to block those pitches. The catcher is not only supposed to be able to stop a ball hurling toward … Read more

How to Break in a Catcher’s Mitt

While there really is so much out there on Catcher’s Mitts and how to break them in, it didn’t really look like there was a need for another guide. That is, it didn’t look like it until you read some of the awful ideas put forward by people who obviously don’t know what they are … Read more

What are the responsibilities of the Catcher

The catcher is in a position of real power in the game of baseball, his or her calls and plays can make the difference between a team looking like stars or coming across as complete novices. So it is really quite understandable that with this kind of responsibility, there is also a lot of tips … Read more

Dealing with Arm Discomfort

“So you have a little arm pain, just shake it off, and keep playing!” “Go hard or go home!” “Don’t be such a wuss!” “Big kids don’t whine!” These are a few of the responses we hear at games when people are complaining about pain and while we think we are motivating someone to push … Read more