What is a Bullpen Catcher: Explained (incl. Salary)

As you’ve noticed, the majority of the posts on this website relate to the catcher – the guy (or gal) who sits behind home plate. But – what about the Bullpen Catcher? Wait… who? I don’t blame you if you don’t recognize this role on a baseball team. The people who perform these duties often … Read more

Why are left handed catchers so rare?

When it comes to baseball, being left-handed is usually seen as a bonus. Left-handed pitchers are often the most valuable pitchers in the game and first basemen who are left-handed are big assets. Being able to hit left-handed is a skill that many right-handed players strive to master. However, left-handed catchers are incredibly rare and … Read more

The best MLB catchers from 2015

One of my favorite questions to ask at the end of the season is who were the best catchers for the year. Here is a quick run down of who I believe performed head and shoulders above the others, and more importantly, what makes them the top rated. 5. Brian McCann 2015 statistics: .232 AVG, … Read more