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All Star catchers gear reviews

All Star has always produced some of the highest quality and innovative equipment on the market so when you purchase an All Star catchers set you know that you are receiving long lasting, and highly protective equipment in return. This gear has become very popular among catchers, and is worn by quite a few professional […]

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Mizuno catchers gear reviews

If you are looking for a popular well known brand name that features comfort, longevity, and style then look no further than any of the Mizuno pieces found on this page! Mizuno has been creating innovative and successful equipment for many sports over a span of many decades. On this page, you will find our […]

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Easton Catchers Gear reviews

For catchers, Easton represents one of the more popular and most commonly used pieces of equipment. In fact I would venture to say that if you head to your local park, you’ll see numerous pieces of Easton gear like bats, gloves, and of course catcher’s equipment. If you watch professional baseball however, you’ll also notice […]

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Rawlings catchers gear reviews

When most people around the baseball world think of Rawlings, they think of the wonderful gloves they make. As you probably already know Rawlings has been involved in baseball circles for ages, and they actually supply the baseball used in the big leagues every game. In fact they were founded all the way back in […]

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A look at Wilson Catchers Gear options

If you are looking for high quality and affordable catchers equipment then Wilson gear might be exactly what you are looking for. Although Wilson is considered as the official glove of major league baseball, they do offer quite a nice line for catchers – including the mitt area. Many top level catchers wear Wilson sets […]

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Under Armour Catchers gear reviews

Under Armour, the company who is very well known for the excellent and innovative athletic apparel and workout gear that they produce, also produces a few different lines of gear for baseball and softball catchers. The reason for Under Armour’s surge in popularity is mainly due to the fact that they produce high quality equipment […]

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Is Nike Gear right for you?

Welcome to our page dedicated to what feel feel are the best choices a catcher can make when looking at Nike gear. Nike is arguably one of the most popular brand names around the world and has such a large market share that they can hit just about every piece of equipment there is. One […]

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How good is Louisville gear?

Louisville, the company who produces arguably the most well known baseball bat in the Slugger, is also responsible for the TPX catchers gear line. Built for all levels of catcher from youth to adult, Louisville has used their great brand presence to provide great gear at an affordable price. Many catchers will often opt for […]

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