Best Full Catchers Gear Sets in 2019

Welcome to our page dedicated to the best catchers gear sets available.

Complete sets provide you with everything you need to get behind the plate as quickly as possible. You no longer have to worry about having mismatched equipment!

The other great thing about full sets of equipment is that most retailers provide a discount over purchasing each piece of equipment individually. Most packages typically consist of a chest protector, leg guards, helmet and can come with other accessories like bags and knee savers.

On this page we outline the benefits that you can realize by going with full sets vs buying individual pieces one at a time and look at what we feel are your best sets for the 2019 baseball season. If you think we’ve missed one, please let us know.

Set Reviews – Top choices for 2019

Our top choices can be found using the links below:

[Adult Sets]  [Intermediate Sets]  [Youth Sets]

1- All Star System 7 (Adult)

I’m not going to trick you, but the All-Star System Seven series is an expensive catcher’s gear set. However that is for good reason as it is the highest quality and most pro ready set you’ll find available. One of the first great aspects of this set is the chest protector that has a unique design not like many others you will see. The System 7 uses a wedge-like shape around the abs which further enhances the ability of the catcher to be able to knock the ball downward when attempting a block. Other advanced features of the chest include the specialized plates that have been inserted into the throat, collarbone, and chest area to keep those ever so important areas even more protected.

The leg guards are also fantastic as they are lightweight and allow for incredible movement. One of the worst things as a catcher is loose and floppy leg guards as it makes running for foul balls or backing up players a difficult task. These leg guards provide an exceptional fit and include All-Star’s DeltaFlex harness which pre-adjusts the leg straps to prevent the guards from movement and to keep the back of the knee area free for further comfort.

Last, but certainly not least, is the System Seven helmet which is made with a high strength ABS outer shell with increased thickness around the most sensitive and dangerous area for the catcher – the forehead. Another big difference with the helmet when compared to other regular equipment is the use of the I-Bar frame. Similar to an I-Beam that you would see on a construction site, this frame has allowed for the helmet to have increased strength while providing a better view of the entire field.

2- Easton M7 (Youth)

Many people especially younger players find that the Easton M7 series is one of the better catchers gear sets they’ve tried. One of the strongest features is the helmet which contains numerous carefully placed air vents to allow for more air circulation which can be tough if you’ve ever crouched behind the plate!

The helmet also contain dual-density foam to keep the catcher’s head more protected but provide a little more comfort as well.

The M7 chest protector is also perfect for youth level players as it has numerous levels of foam protection. This protection not only makes you feel safer behind the plate but also helps in rebound control so that balls fall right in front of you. Similar to the helmet, ventilation ports have also been added to the chest area further enhancing the catchers ability to keep cool and comfortable during those long innings.

Lastly are the M7 leg/shin guards which do an excellent job. The knee area is quite a sensitive area so the M7’s use a triple-knee design (which is quite rare) to provide an exception fit while still allowing for the catcher to have tremendous mobility. Additional inner knee protection has also been applied to ensure that the knees are always protected and safe.

3- Louisville Series 5 (Intermediate)

For 2019, many catcher’s are loving the Louisville Series 5 set. The main reason why people enjoy this set as it blends a nice combination of comfort, quality, price, and durability. Most times when one purchases catcher gear it can be quite expensive due to the high quality material. Without sacrificing much, the Series 5 set has done a great job to be affordable for many levels of catchers.

As we all know, the Slugger brand is awesome. They seem to have brought the same bat quality over to catcher’s which is great news. The chest protection on the Series 5 is quite good as it provided great rebound control with its numerous levels of foam construction. For even better comfort, the Series 5 uses what is called a “precision pad design” which allows you to feel like the chest protector is attached to your body with minimal effort at all times. I’m sure we’ve all worn wonky equipment before, so this is a nice treat!

The leg guards have been further re-designed to incorporate the shape of the human body. No longer do you have to feel rigid and stiff as you crouch down as the leg guards will move in the same way that your legs move as a catcher. Lastly, the helmet used in this series is quite a step up as it not only looks great with its smooth glossy finish but it also provides a great level of comfort and protection. Have you ever felt super sweaty in the middle innings of a game? It doesn’t help having a big bulky helmet on your head that’s for sure! To eliminate some of this discomfort, the Series 5 includes ventilation holes for more air circulation along with a moisture absorbing chin pad for even more comfort.

Benefits of Full Sets

Being the catcher of the team, you are faced with lots of challenges as well as risks opening yourself up to possible injury. By wearing full sets of catchers gear, you will more likely to be spared from injuries and accidents that may come along the way. There are many different benefits a catcher (or parent) will find when deciding between purchasing full sets or purchasing each piece individually. These include:

  • Less expensive
  • Equipment is the same color
  • More convenient (no need to look for all different pieces)
  • More incentives offered by merchants

Well there you have it. We hope you have enjoyed our top choices of catchers gear sets for adult, intermediate and youth players. If you have any suggestions for new sets for us to look at, please let us know.

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