All Star Catchers gear – Reviews of 2023’s top choices

All Star has always produced some of the highest quality and innovative equipment on the market so when you purchase an All Star catchers set you know that you are receiving long lasting, and highly protective equipment in return. This gear has become very popular among catchers, and is worn by quite a few professional players as well.

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The All Star Sports Equipment company has been around for numerous years and has been producing high quality gear for baseball players, softball players as well as umpires. With the focus on producing protective gear, you can always expect that anything you wear made by All Star is one of the best decisions you can make. One of the greatest statistics that this company boasts is a very low defective rate in their products. Therefore, it is extremely rare that you will ever have to return any piece of equipment you purchase.

In terms of catchers gear, All Star offers many different models for a wide variety of different catcher types. For instance, competitive catchers have the option of the Pro series which costs close to $400. Although quite expensive for the regular player, if you are at a competitive level these advanced features may be exactly hat you need. For most however, the System 7 series seems to be the most popular largely due to its price point, and the many advanced level features it offers.

So if you are thinking of going with All Star then this page will hopefully provide you with helpful information. We have chosen what we think are the top sets, and best compliment equipment like chest protectors, leg guards, masks and mitt.

Full Sets of All Star Gear

This section looks at what we believe provide the most value when looking at the top full sets of gear made by All Star. This includes the aforementioned System 7 series along with the surprising Players series which is perfect for catchers aged 7 to 12.

System 7 Series

From the looks of all of the features and price point, I think it is quite a safe bet that the best set of All Star gear currently offered is the System 7 series. With advanced features like directional blocking in the chest protector, gel knee pad in the leg guards and mesh lining in the mask, it isn’t much of a surprise to see this gear be so popular. With all of these extra features, the All Star System 7 series still remains at the top when it comes to its light weight and durability.

all star system 7 catchers gear

Quick Hits

  • Pros: Lightweight, Advanced features
  • Target: Competitive Catchers
  • Sizes: Adult, Intermediate, and Youth
  • Colors: Many single and two-tone colors
  • Price: $200 – $400

As mentioned earlier, we feel based on price point and the level of detail that the System 7 would make a great pick for any catcher. The chest protector itself looks quite neat as it is one of the only available that featured a wedge shape design in the abdominal area. What does this design do? The main benefit is that is should damped any ball on impact and help it get knocked straight down into the dirt. If you’ve played the position, you’ll quickly know how important that is as when the ball flies it is quite hard to know where it lands.

When looking at the features included in the leg guards, one of the biggest benefits that should be noted is the harness system that is used. The leg guards are equipped with a DeltaFlex harness which contains pre-crossed straps in a secure position around your knee to prevent shifting. It should be noted that this harness leaves the back of your knee exposed to allow for more mobility and comfort.

Lastly, included in the System Seven series is the MVP2500 model helmet. Although we look at this helmet is more detail further down the page, one should quickly note that it includes extra forehead thickness and in today’s world with the worry of concussion, this is a huge step in the right direction.

Second Choice – Players Series

All Star Players Series gear is perfect for younger catchers (approximately 7 to 16) who are looking for a basic set of equipment and don’t need all of the bells and whistles. Obviously we all want the latest and greatest but there is something to be said for just sticking with what you really need.

all star catchers gear

Quick Hits

  • Pros: Inexpensive, Comes in a full set
  • Target: Beginner/Intermediate/Recreational
  • Sizes: Ages 7 to 16
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Royal, Scarlet
  • Price: $140 – $160

Each Player’s Series kit comes fully equipped with everything you need to get behind the plate so you don’t need to choose a bunch of different pieces everywhere. The Players Series is meant for newer catchers or catchers that aren’t quite how long they’ll play the position.

Priced extremely well, this set should allow the player to learn the position first and decide if it is right for them before spending a huge sum of money. Designed for Ages 7 to 16, it features a chest protector that has numerous layers of foam for extra durability and protection. It also includes a solid lightweight helmet ensuring that the catcher’s most important asset (the head) is fully protected at all times. The final piece of this kit is the leg guards which surround the leg and provide protection to all key areas with their fully padded style. If you are looking for value then the Players Series might be the right set for you.

All Star Chest Protectors

In this next section, we provide overviews at what we feel are the top chest proctors you can pick up that are made by All Star. It seems like All Star has put quite a bit of effort into the design and form of their chest protectors to provide you with a better fit and better efficiency when baseballs land on your chest. One of the most important things to look out for is how much it will protect you while still allowing you to be mobile around the diamond when needed. On this website you will find the top two models that are offered: the System 7 and the Ultra Cool models. Each chest protector offers a wide variety of features and is available in different price points to meet any level of catcher and any budget.

System 7 Chest Protector

One of the newer chest protector offered by All Star is the System 7 model. So far the reviews have been great! With brand new technologies and extensive testing, this model promises to be one of the best available.

all star chest protector

For adult catchers, there may be no better choice than the System 7 chest protector made by All Star. Although a bit pricier than most, there are many advantages that this chest protector will provide. Some of the main benefits include a U-Bar design a catcher to keep a nice square body position at all times. This feature in itself is perfect for any level of catcher as it teaches you proper technique from the get go. It has also been built with numerous thin, high quality layers of foam making it incredibly durable. Because the layers are nice and thin, the chest protector still maintains a nice lightweight. The System 7 has also been built with strategic based plates throughout to even further protect you from severe damage.

Younger catchers can also get the full benefits of the System 7. Using a scaled down version of the adult model, younger catchers can enjoy the same benefits but at a much lower cost. The youth and intermediate versions also features brand new memory foam which assists in reducing the amount of rebounds young catchers can expect.

  • Availability: Adult (16.5 inches), Intermediate (15.5 inches), and Youth (14.5 inches) sizes
  • Colors: Silver, Blue, Red, Maroon, Green, Orange, and Purple

All Star Ultra Cool

The Ultra Cool chest protector made by All Star provides catchers with incredible protection in one of the more important areas – the collar bone. Although we like the System 7 more, we do feel the Ultra Cool is a great alternative for catchers looking for more protection near the top of the chest.

Far too often, loose fitting equipment can often leave that area under protected and susceptible to injury. Using a great padding system and nicely curved shoulders, the Ultra cool is also fantastic and keeping rebounds as close to you as possible. One of the hardest things for a catcher is being able to keep rebounds in front of them, so it’s nice to have a piece of equipment that does that for you! When making that extra lunge to avoid losing a passed ball, you don’t want to have your effort ruined by a ball the completely escapes you.

  • Availability: Adult (16.5 inches) only
  • Available in Black, Navy, Navy/Gold, Navy/Grey, Royal, and Scarlet colors.

All Star Leg Guards

Worn by many top level catchers, a pair of All Star leg guards may be all you need to take your game to the next level. In fact, they were one of the first companies to develop many patents for various baseball gear components that are now considered standard. This series of reviews focuses on the System 7 and the Players Series models which we think are your best choices for this year.

System 7 Leg Guards

Like the System 7 chest protectors noted earlier, we feel that a pair of System 7 leg guards will not let you down and may end up being some of the best overall. Combining a perfect blend of protection and durability, these leg guards are a huge winner and deserve to be at the top of the list.

all star leg guards

These legs guards feature a much improved knee portion to further protect the full area and be able to brace you any time you land your knee on the ground. All Star also understands that not every catcher is the same and therefore they have designed them to appease catchers who like to wear them loose and those that like to wear them tight. This has been achieved by using more flexible plastic throughout the design. Using 10 ventilation ports located in the shin area, the System 7 leg guards have also been designed to be breathable making them more comfortable than others on the market.

The other great thing about the System 7 series is that they offer a more expensive line designed specifically for adult level players playing in top leagues. They also feature scaled down version for intermediate and youth players so they too can get the full benefit that this line has to offer.

  • Available in Adult (16.5 inch), Intermediate (15.5 inch), and Youth (14.5 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Scarlet Red

Players Series

Although we rank them lower than the System 7 series, for recreational players not looking to spend a huge amount of money, the Players series may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Designed for mobility, these shin guards will provide you with much more freedom to move around behind the plate, chase down fly balls, and stay on top of your game.

Other brands of leg guards that you can buy for this price will fall off or rotate out of place throughout the game. This should never happen with the players series.

This model in particular will make you feel like they are attached directly to your legs. This is huge as one of the biggest complaints catchers have is the inability to be able to move around without noticing some clunky leg guards around them. Protection wise, these shin guards also offer full triple knee protection and contain full padding to cover the entire leg area. You no longer will have to worry about those pesky foul balls that used to hit you right in the outside of the shin!

  • Available in Intermediate (14.5 inch) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, and Scarlet Red


Just like some of the gear mentioned earlier, the masks made by All Star are some of the more innovative ones in the market. Each model they make features a different price range and size, but each still offers superior comfort and performance for those long and hot days behind home plate! Each helmet comes with many different color schemes as well to match whatever team you play for. Below we have ranked our top choices when it comes to All Star helmets: Series Seven and Players Series.

System 7 catchers helmet

The System 7 helmet is available in many different variations including one with a regular single color finish and another with a two-tone matte finish.

all star catchers mask

This hockey styled helmet is quite nice to look at especially when it comes in a wide variety of different finishes.

Protection wise, this helmet promises to keep you just as protected as you can be. The ABS shell has been designed to withstand high impact and allow for better protection for the head. One of the more advanced features included is the extra forehead thickness that has been added. With the amount of talk regarding concussions today, the increased thickness in such a key area is a huge plus.

Another advanced feature that many catchers like is the backplate that has been added to the back of the helmet. This extra plate keeps the snaps in place allowing for a much more secure fit around the skull. Finally using an I-Bar steel cage for increased vision, a catcher can easily pick off a base stealer with ease. Although more advanced than most catchers need, the System Seven MVP mask is great for advanced high school level and collegiate players.

  • Available in Adult (7″ – 7 3/4″) and Youth (6 1/4″ – 7″) sizes
  • Colors: many different colors depending on what type of finish you choose including Black, Navy, Royal, and Scarlet Red.

Players Series Mask

The perfect mask for all players, the Player’s Series features a durable ABS shell keeping the head protected at all times. Although we feel the System 7 MVP mask is the best, we certainly recognize that not everyone is willing to spend that much money.

That is where the Player’s Series model fits in. Designed for all levels of players, this mask is perfect whether you just play with friends or are beginning your house league career. Finding a high quality mask for under $50 isn’t easy and that is why we feel there is tremendous value in this series.

The Players Series has a comfortable contoured chin pad and features the patented I-Bar face mask. This allows the catcher to have a great field vision and see everything that is happening. If you don’t need the advanced features offered with the System Seven series then this one should do the trick!

  • Available in Adult (7″ – 7 3/4″) and Youth (6 1/4″ – 7″) sizes
  • Colors: Black, Navy, Scarlet, and Royal Blue

The final piece to our All Star Catchers Gear reviews: the Mitts!

The next section of this page looks at a few great choices when it comes to mitts. Catchers mitts can be a difficult thing to select as there are quite a few options like open back, closed back, Velcro straps, webbing and much more. That being said, the CM3200 and CM1010 seem to be the best choices for adult and youth players respectively.


Adult or competitive catcher’s looking for edge should consider looking into the CM3000 series. The CM3000SBT (and other models in the same line) is the premier offering by All-Star and is made from top of the line Japanese steer-hide leather.

Most gloves made today are made by machines meaning that many can be produced at once. What sets the CM3000SBT apart from the other is that it is handmade so you know you are always getting a well constructed and cared for piece of equipment. This is extremely rare!

One of the most unique sounds you’ll hear in a baseball game is the noise made when the pitch reaches the catchers mitt. To set this glove apart from the others, All Star has made it so it provides a little more of a popping noise than your average glove. The pitchers throwing to you will be extremely happy about this. This glove offers catchers with a really quick break in time as well meaning you can pick it up and use it the very next day with minimal time. Finally, the full leather back provides just enough support and durability to make it a true winner. The CM3000SBT should make you a very happy catcher!

CM1010BT – For Youth catchers

One of the best mitts for youth players, the All Star CM1010BT is one of the least expensive youth gloves on the market, but still provides a great amount of quality features.

The CM1010BT catcher’s mitt is one of the best youth level catchers mitts around. Although the glove is designed with the young player in mind, it still looks the exact same as the high level ones that professional and semi-professional catchers use. Featuring a Velcro closure, this 31.5″ inch mitt helps teach the young player perfect technique when trapping a baseball. It is great for the pitcher as well as it provides an easy to see pocket for throwing strikes. For $37.99, there are very few youth sized models available that come this loaded. With its low price and advanced features, it should make a perfect mitt for both recreational and competitive youth players.

We hope that you have enjoyed our look at the top pieces of All Star gear available. You really can’t go wrong with this brand and the amount of features they offer. Happy catching!

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